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Donald Trump, Jr. Declares Dubai an "Epicenter” in the Middle East


In a recent Arabian Property magazine interview, Donald Trump, Jr. asserted that many of the properties currently planned and under development in the Middle East are no less than incredible.

Trump, Jr., vice president of the Trump Organization, is spearheading the international company’s first Middle East development, the Trump International Hotel and Tower on the Palm Jumeirah, to be located in Dubai, UAE.

Despite any concerns, Trump, Jr. said Dubai and other developments would be "phenomenal" and that the property market in Dubai is poised for continued growth.

 “Dubai has created itself as the epicenter, as kind of the Wall Street of the Middle East. It has oil money, all the influx of capital that’s coming in from Asia, and it’s central in the world," Trump, Jr. said. "… as money keeps coming in, I think it can sustain a lot of that boom."

Trump, Jr. claimed the Trump Organization would "definitely" be looking into developing more projects in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East once construction of the Trump International Hotel and Tower finishes.

The Trump Organization wants to get Trump International completed and then the company will be searching out new possible locations. Trump, Jr. added that he saw Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as good areas for developments in the future.

He also said the Trump Organization is currently negotiating two hotel deals, one is a residential development and the other a commercial venture in India -- a country where he and the Trump Organization see great potential.

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