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Verifying the Legitimacy of Dubai Investment Opportunities


Q. I am new to investing in condo hotels and also new to investing in foreign countries. How do I know that Condo Hotels Dubai does in fact have direct contact with Dubai developer, and how can I verify that all the things that the Dubai developers are telling you are true?

A. Condo Hotels Dubai has been provided a litany of forms, graphs, brochures, maps, videos, photos, finance information, bank information, floor plans, diagrams and press releases, all of which we are willing to share with you. If this is a scam, it is one of the most elaborate scams in the world, and we're not the only ones being fooled. There are hundreds of investors from dozens of countries who are buying into these properties.

Q. How did Condo Hotels Dubai get involved in selling Dubai property?

A. Our condo hotel website, is the leading website for condo hotels, and our condo hotel business, Condo Hotel Center, is the world's #1 condo hotel brokerage.

Our website was found by the Dubai developers seeking a U.S. contact to assist in marketing their properties. They already were successfully working with European brokers but felt that the U.S. market would be another good outlet for their product. At that time, they were exploring whether to make their new planned developments hotels, condos, or condo hotels

We were contacted by the developers' representatives and spent several months consulting with them and answering all of their questions about the condo hotel projects in America and the pros and cons of them developing condo hotel projects in Dubai. And while they were learning about condo hotels from us, we were immersing ourselves in the Dubai market and learning about their projects so that we could begin presenting them to our clients.

Once we did tell our investors about Dubai and the condo hotel projects, we were met with unbelievable enthusiasm. U.S. buyers began snatching up condo hotel units as fast as they could, and Dubai developers have been racing to meet the demand.

We expect more projects to be coming online throughout 2006 and 2007. We built this website,, because we believe that the amazing potential of the Dubai market and the viability of the condo hotel concept is a winning combination.

The above questions were submitted via e-mail by a visitor to The answers were prepared by Joel Greene, a licensed real estate broker, who specializes in condo hotels and the Dubai real estate market.

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