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Occupancy Rates for Dubai Hotels


Q. Which sized condo hotel unit will likely get the best occupancy rates?

A. It is generally expected that two- and three-bedroom units will be the most popular. This is because there are vast numbers of large families that travel to Dubai from Asia and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council, the united group that bonds most of the countries in Arabia, much like the united bond between countries in Europe).

With the building of Dubailand which will be an immense family-oriented theme park resort, you can expect to see more families, (and extended families like grandparents, in-laws and nannies), coming to Dubai.

Q. What are Dubai's occupancy rates?

A. Dubai's occupancy rates have for years been over 80%, among the world's best. For the period of January 2005 to September 2005, Dubai's fast-expanding portfolio of hotels reported the highest occupancy rate in the world, wresting the title from other top tourist destinations.

Deloitte and Smith Travel Research put Dubai on top with a 85.9% hotel occupancy rate followed by New York with 82.7% and Singapore at 80%.

Dubai hotels have also been ranked first in the world in terms of generating the highest revenue per available room (RevPar) between January and September 2005, followed by New York and Paris, according to Global Lodging Review, a publication of the Deloitte and Smith Travel Research.

The premium travel research publication highlighted that Dubai hotels' RevPar (which provides a measure of the revenue generated by each available hotel room during the year) is the highest at $175.47 while New York comes second with $163.32 and Paris third with $169.53. Dubai's revenue represents a significant 42.3% increase from the RevPar generated by Dubai's hotels in 2004 (year-to-date statistics).

The above questions were submitted via e-mail by a visitor to The answers were prepared by Joel Greene, a licensed real estate broker, who specializes in condo hotels and the Dubai real estate market.

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