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Q. How do prices on condo hotels in Dubai compare with prices on condo hotels in the U.S.?

A. Of course prices in both countries are always changing, but generally speaking, Dubai is a fantastic bargain when compared to U.S. property prices. As an example, you can purchase a two-bedroom condo hotel unit in Dubai of 1,300 sq. ft. for under $400,000. For a two-bedroom condo hotel unit of that size in say Miami Beach or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, you would be looking at a price of $1.3 to $1.5 million easily.

Q. Other than price, are there any other significant differences between Dubai condo hotels and those in the U.S.?

A. The quality is certainly comparable. Five-star hotels are luxurious and amenity-filled no matter where in the world they're located.

The one big difference is the positioning of Dubai condo hotels as investment vehicles. In the U.S., condo hotels are sold primarily as vacation homes, as real estate. We certainly know of no U.S. properties that offer an 8% guaranteed return as some Dubai condo hotels do.

In addition, virtually no U.S. developers allow you to flip your contract on a condo hotel whereas some Dubai developers grant you the flexibility to flip or assign your contract at any time prior to closing.

The above questions were submitted via e-mail by a visitor to The answers were prepared by Joel Greene, a licensed real estate broker, who specializes in condo hotels and the Dubai real estate market.

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